About Jeremy Murray | Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate


Jeremy Murray moved to Winston-Salem from nearby Farmington.  He received a MA in Landscape Architecture from NC State University and a MA in Urban Design from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  Jeremy has worked for 15 years in the horticulture industry, most recently as the Curator of Interior Horticulture at the North Carolina Zoo.  Throughout his career, he was often complimented on his passion about client needs and for meticulously meeting their goals.  Jeremy is active in urban revitalization.  While renovating three historic homes in town, he has enjoyed being hands on in every aspect.  Be it plumbing, electrical, structural or finishing touches, he understands how houses are put together.  In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys a good happy hour with friends, a great playlist, playing fetch with his dog Rylie and cooking dinner with his partner Charlie.