About Jason Slayton | Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate


Jason Slayton is a realtor who never fails to deliver. He’s a warm and friendly professional who’s driven to create the best real estate choices for his clients. His intelligence and sense of humor will win you over in an instant and his insight and honesty makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. Raised in a very successful Real Estate family, Jason has lived in Winston-Salem, NC his entire life, so he truly knows and loves the area. With a background serving the public as a Youth Services Librarian at Forsyth County Public Library, Jason spent time making public appearances in schools and churches as part of his program to promote early literacy. Jason has loved putting his Masters of Library and Information Science to use in developing rewarding relationships with the public during his ongoing programs and events.


When he’s not hunting out the best real estate deals for his clients, Jason is propelled by an energetic ambition to make his dreams a reality. With his wonderful wife, teenage son, and baby daughter on his team, Jason has achieved his goal of becoming a dedicated marathon runner. He is a strong believer in attention to detail when it comes to realizing any challenge, whether that’s in buying or selling a home, or being resourceful to reach your goals in any area of life.


""Jason is such a professional, but also very friendly and personable. Buy the time closing rolled around, I felt like he was family. He has so many strengths, but I'd say the strengths that helped us the most was his ability to act on his toes. If we came to a bump in the road, either with dealing with the lender or seller's agent, he didn't skip a beat. He usually had a solution to the problem within hours.""

""He responds to all communication so quickly that sometimes I wondered if he ever had time to eat or sleep. He responded to all types of communication lightning fast - phone, text and email. But one of the things I appreciated most about his communication, especially by email, was that he made sure all necessary parties were copied on them and that everyone always had the information needed to move to the next step in the home buying process. Jason's organizational abilities made things so easy that my 11 year old son could have gone through the process of buying a home. But he never treated us like we were a burden. In fact, he was one of the most pleasant people I've ever dealt with, professionally OR personally."" -- Recent Client Reviews