About Louise Olshall | Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate


Det vore trevligt att ses – that’s Swedish for It would be nice meeting you.""


I’m a native Swede who moved to the US in 2004 with my two boys and my husband. After a great start in Michigan my husband’s executive positions for German companies took us to Alabama, Texas and in 2014, North Carolina.


Not only did we get the chance to explore this beautiful country and meet lots of wonderful people, I also learned how to buy ,improve and sell houses as well as how to make the move easier for us. I became a mastermind for finding useful information that would help us reestablish ourselves in our new community. It was always an adventure.


Eventually, I decided to combine my skills with my passion for houses and became a real estate agent. I love the matchmaking part; being a good listener, and I always think outside the box for solutions.


I take great pride in being a part of Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate Company , a locally owned office well respected in the area for their knowledgeable agents as well as for giving back to the community. As a member of a worldwide network we can also assist you wherever you are going next. We are local and we are global.


Trust us, trust me - I have bought and sold homes from Stockholm to Houston.


Like I said before - Det vore trevligt att ses!