Pools: To Sink or Swim?

Isn’t it still juuust warm enough for one last North Carolina pool day? Over the last year, homes with pools are still in high demand. After facing the dilemma of pool reservations to keep numbers at neighborhood and public pools low for social distancing, many homeowners are looking to skip the registrations and buy or install their own pools. So if you’re already planning for swim season 2022 let us help you either find your next home with a pool or introduce you to a hot new pool trend. 

According to our partners at REALTOR® Magazine, demands and prices for pools are still on the incline.  Due to that incline and the low inventory for homes with pools and the high demand for contractors to install pools, residents are getting creative. 

Next trending pool is what, you might ask? Shipping containers! The latest trend for fast and easy install are in-ground installations of recycled shipping containers. But don’t worry, it’s not just a box in the ground – these shipping containers have been outfitted with lights, heaters and wifi control. 

What pools are trending out? No more kidney-shaped pools – buyers are searching and installing classic rectangle pools. 

If you’re still interested in only searching for houses with pools already installed, the costs for retrofitting a pool are cheaper than installing a brand new pool. Chat with your LRB Agent to discuss their recommendations. So let the search begin! Contact your agent today and start browsing our listings with pools here. #golrb