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Yoga in Winston-Salem

Do you need a little quiet time after a day of home showings? Or perhaps you just relocated to Winston-Salem and you’re ready to plug into the local yoga scene. We’ve got all of the tips for you this week with LRB Agent Rebecca Bonagura. Namaste!

There are lots of options for yoga in and around the Triad. It’s alway a “treat yourself” moment when I make time for my practice and I really enjoy sharing yoga events and locations with friends and clients.

Luckily, events like “stretch it out Saturday” and “yoga day” come often in the Triad. Lotus Yoga located in Downtown Winston Salem hosts Sunset Salutations at Bailey park, the last Thursday in October. This event offers a beautiful outdoor experience for those looking for a casual practice with some options for challenging poses. And it’s FREE! 

If you like a more quiet, controlled setting, you can find the most welcoming space at The Breathing Room on Bridge Street. As soon as you walk in, you can feel the positive energy. The instructors have a genuine interest to get to know you and have a wonderful way to teach to every level in the room. 

Sometimes going to a new Yoga studio can feel intimidating. If you’re looking for a safe space to practice and don’t mind a little scenic drive to get there, Yoga on Main is your spot. Located in Downtown Elkin, you can’t miss this quaint, small town studio. There are a variety of classes for all different levels. Walking in the studio you’re greeted with the most amazing smells of essential oils and soaps. The small, intimate space will leave you feeling relaxed and re- charged. If you’re feeling the need to “treat yourself, stop by Wednesday nights at 6:15 for a practice lead by me

Much like going to a new yoga studio, buying or selling a home can also feel intimidating. You’re making one of the most important purchases in your life and it’s easy to let life get in the way. If you’ve been through the process, or are going through it now, you know how much time, effort, and energy it takes for it to go smoothly. Stress can play a big role in how you manage your time, effort, and energy. With yoga, you can manage your stress level and lower cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. 

Stop and take five minutes out of your day to be really present. Be mindful with your thoughts and if you need, give yourself an affirmation to help you stay focused. Start by setting a timer. Clear your mind and try to think about this present moment only. Breathe into your belly, and grow your spine long. Exhale slowly as you soften. Repeating this for some time can help lower the heart rate and give your mind clarity. 

As your Realtor, I will always be there to guide you, arming you with knowledge and tools to help you through the real estate process. You’ll feel confident knowing that your mind and body will be prepared to handle any situation that arises. Just breathe and know that I will be with you every step of the way! Contact me today!